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A $38 connection fee is payable on the first bill.   There is a $100 deposit for service due at sign-up.

The deposit is held for one year and returned to the account as long as timely payments have been made.


Voice Mail And Calling Features

Voice Mail

Allows you to receive messages whether your phone is busy or goes unanswered.

Check your messages from home or while you are away from home also.

Detailed instructions are available when you sign up for this feature. No equipment purchase necessary and the need for an answering machine is eliminated.

Anonymous Call Rejection

Anonymous Call Rejection allows you to reject calls from anyone who has blocked their number from your Caller ID display.  Those callers will hear a message informing them that you do not accept anonymous calls and they should remove blocking and call back.  All other calls will ring through as usual.

Automatic Callback

You can save time by not dialing busy numbers over and over.  If you reach a busy number, activate Automatic callback and it will monitor the number you tried to call.  As soon as the line is free, your phone rings and automatically completes your call.

Automatic Recall

Automatic recall will automatically store and allow you to redial the number of the last person who called you.  Automatic recall can be used whether you answered the call or not

Selective Call Acceptance

Selective Call Acceptance allows you to receive calls only from the numbers on the Selective Call Acceptance list you have created.  When the service is turned ON, all callers not on your list will hear a voice recording saying you are not presently accepting calls.

Selective Call Rejection

You can program you phone to reject calls from any number you place in the rejection list. When you have this service turned ON, any callers in this list will hear an announcement that you are not accepting calls at this time. All other calls will ring through as usual. 

Three Way Calling

Allows you to make your plans in one call, rather than three or four.  With three-way calling, you can get everybody on the phone at the same time.  It is also great for the holidays or on birthdays when you wish to exchange greetings with friends and relatives at two other locations.  If you have a home business, you can now set up a conference call with your business associates.

Caller ID

Calling name and number delivery provides the name and number of the person calling you.  The information will be displayed on a display device between the first and second ring. Also available is Calling Number only.

Customer Originated Trace

When you receive a harassing call, you can dial star 57 to trace the source of that call the recorded of the traced call will be stored at the telephone company.

Distinctive Ringing-Call Waiting

With Distinctive Ringing, when you make a list of special callers, your phone uses a special ring to announce calls from any of those numbers.  If you also have Call Waiting, you will  hear a special Call Waiting tone as well.

Per Call Name & Number Blocking

Per Call Name & Number Blocking allows the calling party to dial a code prior to dial a code prior to each call that will prevent their name and number from appearing on the call display unit of the person receiving the call.

Call Waiting

Now while talking on the phone you will not  miss another call.  With call waiting,  a special tone alerts you to an incoming call when you are on the phone; the caller hears only a normal ring.  You can then place your current call on temporary hold and answer the new call. 

Plus with cancel call waiting assigned to your line, you can eliminate call waiting for the duration of a call.  This is especially useful for those times when you do not want your call interrupted or when you are using a computer on the line.

Call Forward

Now when you are away from your home, your calls can be automatically sent to you. With Call Forward, there is no need to leave messages about where you are or reveal any forwarding numbers.

Home Intercom

With home intercom, no matter where you are,  in the house, garage, the barn, or home office, you can reach anyone near an extension phone by dialing your own home phone number.

Speed Calling-8 Number

Allows you to establish a list of 8 numbers that can be called by dialing a one digit code.

Call Forward Busy

If you have a dial-up connection and your line is busy, you can activate this feature to forward your calls to a call waive service number or to a cellular number.

Speed Calling-30 Number

Allows you to establish a list of 30 numbers that can be called by dialing a two digit code.

Teen Service

This service connects two phone numbers to a single party line, each having a unique ringing pattern.  This feature is great for families with teenagers, home business, or a fax machine.

Warm Line

Automatically connects you to a preassigned number when it is removed from the hook for 30 seconds.

Telemarketer Call Screening Option

Please call our office for more information.

McNabb Long Distance Services

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$ .10 Per Minute

This plan is pretty straightforward. Ten Cents Per Minute anytime and anywhere in the domestic United States.  Once again, there are NO monthly fees nor hidden charges. However, all calls are billed up to the next full minute.

Business and residential customers have found this plan to be very efficient when making calls during regular business hours.

  • All calls are just 10 cents a minute
  • 24 hours a day
  • Anywhere in the US

Free calls only to landline numbers in McNabb, Magnolia, Tonica and Hennepin.